Typical RO Setup
Typical RO Setup
  • Crystal water uses the highest quality of filtration media to purify its water to create the most clarity and bacteria free filtered mineral water.
  • The water is distributed through our intensive piping system which contains stainless steel pumps and HDPE piping to prevent any micro biological growth and rust prevention or contamination of by-products.
  • The first stage is our Glass Media industrial particle filter which removes all debris/sediment to the pore size of 5 micron.
  • The second stage is our industrial Activated Carbon, due to its very large surface area Activated Carbon has excellent absorption properties, effectively removing many contaminants including organics, pesti-cides, herbicides, Chlorine and unwanted tastes and odour.
  • The Third Stage is our 5micron sediment filtration should any debris or particles pass through the beginning stage, We use these filters as guard filters.
  • The Fourth Stage is Reverse osmosis treatment process removing 98% of heavy organic metals. The water is diluted with our filtered municipal water and stored in a Food grade water tank where it gets distributed from.
  • The Fifth stage is the Ultra Violet sterilizer which is the disinfection of water, consists of a purely physical, chemical free process. UV-C radiation attacks the vital DNA of the bacteria directly. The radiation initiates a reaction that destroys the genetic information contained in DNA.
  • The final Stage of sterilization is the Ozone generator. Ozone is a completely harmful gas which is effective to destroy 99.99% of all bacteria and micro-organisms. The ozone is injected into our piping system on every bottling station.
  • The remaining water in our piping system is returned to our storage tanks and re-purified and disinfected. Our plant continuously operates and circulates the water through our water reticulation system ensuring pure, clear and bacteria free bottling water.